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Missha makes big splash in Japan <2021.01.11>

Korean cosmetics brand draws Japanese consumers

Missha products are on display at a store in Osaka. Missha said that its products are well received by Japanese customers. Photo courtesy of Able C&C

Able C&C, which runs the Missha brand, said that the sales of its cushion foundation topped 20 million in Japan in 63 months after its debut there _ the daily sales have been more than 10,000 over the period. 

According to government data, the number of Japanese women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, who are the major clients of cosmetics, is in the vicinity of 13.8 million.

This means that they gobbled up an average of 1.5 Missha’s cushion foundation products over the past five years.

In Sept. 2015, Missha introduced its “M Magic Cushion” in Japan, and the upgraded long-wearing foundation instantly won the hearts and minds of Japanese clients.

The product’s sales amounted to 300,000 in the first year. In particular, the figure stood at 190,000 in June 2017 so as to shatter the monthly record.

“Magic Cushion Neo Cover” was first released in Japan last April. Thanks to its surging popularity, the product tapped into the Korean market late last year.

Nikkei Trendy, a Japanese magazine, recently picked “M Magic Cushion” as one of the best-selling products. No other cosmetic items made it into the list.

In addition, Japan’s popular shopping mall @Cosme picked “Magic Cushion Neo Cover” as a best-in-class product. Word-of-mouth marketing app LIPS chose it as second best.

Kang In-gyu, who is in charge of Missha’s Japanse operation, said that Missha had blazed a trail in the BB cream and cushion foundation markets.

He said that Missha products are available in up to 25,000 stores across Japan, which explains why they are so popular.

“It seems that our customers recognize our efforts of trying to offer quality products at reasonable prices,” Kang said.

“In addition to the cushion products, A’PIEU Sparkling Tint topped the podium in the lipstick category after its launch last May. Our Cica products are also well received in Japan. We will strive to make big splash this year.”