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Able C&C donates to Goodwill Store <2020.11.10>

Able C&C CEO Cho Jeong-yeol, left, poses with Goodwill Store’s Director Han Sang-wook after the company donates more than 70,000 items to Goodwill Store at its head office in Seoul on Nov. 5. Photo courtesy of Able C&C 

Missha maker tries to be responsible corporate citizen

Able C&C, which owns cosmetics brand Missha, recently announced that the company had donated more than 70,000 items valued at around 1.5 billion won to Goodwill Store.

The Seoul-based company held an event of delivering the goods early this month at its head office with CEO Cho Jeong-yeol and senior officials of Goodwill Store taking part.

This is not the first time for Able C&C to support the non-profit organization _ the former also contributed various products to the latter this May.

Goodwill Store refers to a network of retail thrift stores, which operate as non-profits. Currently, a total of 10 such stores sell donated products, hiring more than 250 employees.

Most of them are disabled workers.

“We are happy to support the initiative of helping the less privileged,” Able C&C CEO Cho said in a statement. “We will continue to take our social responsibility through various goodwill activities.”

Korea has tried to deal with the high jobless rate of disabled workers by mandating disabled employee share to both the government agencies and private companies.

But many outfits have failed to keep the regulations.

In particular, people have voiced concerns about the decreasing interests in the welfare of the disabled after the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 corona virus.