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Able C&C teams up with Lily & Beauty <2020.10.13>


Korean beauty brand to collaborate with Chinese cosmetics giant.

Able C&C, which operates top-tier Korean cosmetics brand Missha, has joined hands with Lily & Beauty, the leading provider of online cosmetics marketing and retailing services in China.

Toward that end, Lily & Beauty’s founding&nbsp;Chairman Huang Tao and Grade Du, chief of Able C&C’s Chinse operation, recently held a signing event for the two-way cooperation in Shanghai.

Lily & Beauty is a Shanghai-based cosmetics e-commerce platform invested by Alibaba Group, China’s retail and internet powerhouse.

“The fast growth of local brands is leading to fierce competition in the Chinese cosmetics market,” Grace Du said. “Against this backdrop, the cooperation with Lily & Beauty will beef up the presence of Missha in a big way,”

The two outfits’ cooperation will start beginning the Singles’ Day on Nov. 11, the Chinese holiday recognized as the largest offline and online shopping day in the world.

In particular, Alibaba chalks up more than $30 billion in sales on the Chinese shopping season, which originated as an unofficial holiday for bachelors.

“Together with Lily & Beauty, we will carry out proactive marketing activities. One of our target products would be M Perfect Cover BB Cream,” Able C&C Overseas Business Division Director&nbsp;Lim Jun-won said. “We expect handsome results from the first project.”

Able C&C is currently running more than 32,000 stores in around 50 countries across the world. In China alone, the number of offline stores amount to 3,200, according to the Seoul-based company.