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Able C&C launches multi-shop ‘NUNC’<2019.06.14>



Able C&C, a top-tier South Korea’s cosmetics producer, launched its multi-brand shop “NUNC” on June 14, opening its first store near Ewha Womans University in western Seoul.


On top of the first store, the company will open four more NUNC branches this month, and will expand the number to 20 in July. The online shop will come to town on June 21.

Around 3,000 products from 150 global brands such as Shiseido, Hada Labo, and Canmake are available at the NUNC store, on top of its own MISSHA, A’Pieu and Mefactory brands.


Able C&C said that the new multi-shop’s name demonstrates the company’s brand philosophy of trying to make every moment special and precious for each customer. NUNC means the literal “now” in Latin.


The Seoul-based company noted that people will be able to get trending cosmetics brands at NUNC shops where classic, pop, and indie brands are all on display together.


“As NUNC deals with classic best-selling products and unique new items, we are sure that the store will win the hearts and minds of our customers. We hope they will all have satisfactory experiences,” Able C&C Chief Strategy Officer(CSO) Park Hyun-jin said.